Saturday, April 12, 2014

The popularity of game Friv in 2014

In the current  life, work always makes us tired , stressed and less time concerned about their children . So have you ever thought that today kids spend a lot of time searching on the internet to find anything?
According to the statistics compiled by the parents in New York (USA ) livepol (UK ), 80 % of children have access internet to play games online, participate in social networking so how do we can manage the children and toward the children to the game  fit their age. We are offering a website that specializes in kinds of free flash games where games are selected strictly as loggic games , football , math , IQ .. this game will help children develop and quick reflexes with life around . At peak Friv4school attracted 85 % of visitors from the U.S. and livepol (UK ) . We also get a lot of feedback from parents, they also motivate and encourage us to develop multiple games with multiple game that they may also to play and they also understand the children more . We expect in the future from friv 250, we will increase to 500 games, and more kinds of game as friv2 , friv3 , friv4 , friv games ....
One game that many people choose to play is the Angry Birds Rio Online Friv 4 when visting the home page. This game is a real experimence. It also good for those who want more challenge with Angry Birds Rio. The popularity of Angrybirds was selected in applications of smatphone by the developer.So even if you use only device is smatphone, they can also play these games. Here the players can enjoy and exciting when victory

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